Sunday, 17 May 2009

Pre Knock-out Musings

What do I know? Nothing.

I mean, how bad, sloppy, rudderless were the Hurricanes in those early home games, that I never rated them capable of getting this far. I always doubted it, I'll admit it ... but I think its easier that way. “Expect the unexpected”? That would be winning the title.

Looking forward to the finals now, and the rematch North Island derby between the ‘Canes and the Chiefs, but consider these mental doodlings:

  1. How classy and reliable is Leon MacDonald? Where was he in Cardiff? Sayonara, Rangi.
  2. With 3 NZ teams and one South African team in the finals, why the hell should the ARU get another team?
  3. Will an NZ champion rekindle the public’s interest and lead to All Black sell out crowds?
  4. Hey Wellington Rugby Union ... after another year of upfront season pass attendance, how about a FREE playoff ticket offer for being so effing loyal? As I’m over 14, I pay through the nose.
  5. Could the Crusaders do the (apparently) impossible?
  6. If the Hurricanes win, will they buy Captain Hurricane some new overalls? The dude looks faded.
  7. Why even put the first 8 rounds on telly? Nobody watched and no teams dominated - its a traffic jam on the points table at week 14
  8. Given the level of interest in NZ derbies this season, can we please have our All Blacks in the Air NZ Cup?
  9. And if the French are going to send weak teams for Tests, then don’t play them - better still, give them a game against the NZ Maori who are owed a ‘Test’ they lost against the Boks
The Chiefs have had a good season ... now move over and let the Hurricanes have theirs. They are ready this year; they have fog lamps for the final.